Reconfigure Backup Server (I gang)
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  • Due to a recent change in our backup configuration which requires a lot more inodes than previously, we're required to reformat the backup system to use another filesystem that allows for a larger number than what ext4 gives with the current 20TB of storage we have.

    As a result of that, as of today, we're performing backups to a separate location than usual (Two smaller physical servers), these servers are less powerful than the current system, meaning backups and restores may be slowed down slightly as a result of this.

    These two servers will be used as a temporary storage location for new snapshots.

    Normally we store 28 days of recovery points - as a part of this backup maintenance, we'll lower the number to 14 days, so we can get back to the original storage system again within a decent timeframe (14 days instead of 28 days).

    If you do wish to keep a few additional snapshots for longer than this period, then you'll have to download these snapshots via cPanel within 14 days.

    This maintenance is strictly required since we're nearing the limitations of the current inode count on the current filesystem.

  • Dato - 12/09/2020 12:09
  • Senest opdateret - 12/09/2020 12:17