Jetbackup 5 restoration (сообщено)
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  • Customers on nlcp05 and nlcp06 might experience issues after restoring a backup via JetBackup 5.

    The issues has been reported to Jetapps (The developers of JetBackup), and we're waiting for a release to fix the issues.

    404 page after restore of subdomains or addon domains

    JetBackup restores incorrect folder permissions for the "document root" of the domain.

    The permissions are supposed to be "0755" but are restored as "0750" - this can be corrected after restoration in File Manager or FTP by selecting the folder for the domain and change the permissions.

    User should have read/write/execute permissions.

    Group and World/Everyone should have read/execute permissions.

    You can also create a ticket for us to correct it.

    Database restoration requires user restore

    Jetbackup when restoring a database, does not restore user permissions to the database.

    You either have to restore the DB User during restore as well for the corresponding database (this ensures that the "grants" are restored as they should be).

    Alternatively, you can go to "MySQL® Databases" in cPanel, go to the "Add User to Database" section, select both the user and the database, click "Add" and assign all privileges to the database. This will restore the database permissions.

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