Planned network maintenance (Scheduled)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Server - RBX6
  • On March 29th, there will be a planned network maintenance that will impact connectivity towards server6 (RBX6).

    Our datacenter provider are performing the network maintenance to ensure the providing a good quality of service in terms of networking. For this to be carried out, they will have to upgrade some network equipment that are located above our server.

    The equipment update are being performed to follow the innovation happening in the network, and to allow our datacenter provider to introduce new features in the future.

    To be more exact the "FEX" (Fabric Extender) will have to be upgraded, meaning they'll have to move cables from one FEX to another one, which does involve a short downtime.

    There will be a total of two network "drops":

    - The first one are expected to last for about 1-2 minutes since the datacenter engineers have to physically connect the server to the new FEX.
    - The second one happens 45 minutes after the first one and are expected to last for only a few seconds.

    The maintenance has a window of 5 hours, since there's multiple upgrades being performed during the night, and it's unclear how long each upgrade will take, therefore we cannot give more specific timings than the announced maintenance window from our datacenter provider.

    The maintenance performed by the provider can be followed at their network status page: 

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  • Date - 29/03/2017 22:00 - 30/03/2017 03:00
  • Last Updated - 24/03/2017 21:09