I can't reach my site or email

If you cannot reach your site we advise you to check a site like: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/

If it says your site is up - then you can go to https://shop.hosting4real.net/?m=unblockip which allows you to remove possible blocks from our servers - often it will even give a reason for your block, such as invalid IMAP or SMTP login, FTP login, webmail or cPanel login.

We use a system called Imunify360 which uses artificial intelligence to manage access to accounts and sites hosted on our servers. This also means if you're doing a lot of failed login attempts, there's a big chance you'll end up on a 5 minute greylist that blocks your access.

To access the page above, you have to log into https://shop.hosting4real.net/ on the account which you purchased your hosting package, since we only check servers where you have active services.

If you continue to get blocked right after, please feel free to create a ticket at https://shop.hosting4real.net/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2

It's important if you create a ticket, that you describe your problem (possible screenshot), and include your IP address.

If downforeveryoneorjustme.com says your site is down, then please check the following sites to see if there's any ongoing maintenance or downtime registered on our servers:


If you get a "403 Forbidden" on your website, it's most likely due to mod_security rules that block certain requests, this is done to protect possible leakage of data and/or hacking attempts. If you're absolutely sure that it's a false positive, then please submit a ticket, and we can whitelist rules for the specific account.

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