Do you offer reseller solutions?

The simple answer is no, we don't.

Reseller solutions often bring subpar performance and don't have the level of quality that we want to offer towards our customers, it also means we as a hosting provider doesn't want to put our name to these solutions.

The ones who buy reseller plans often have a weird understanding of how the hosting business works and they expect a lot more than they want to pay for. Customers of these resellers also don't mind blaming the actual hosting provider (us) for the mistakes that the reseller makes. We don't want to take the blame for something that isn't our responsibility.

Additionally, we cannot control which customers sign up with the given reseller, meaning we have no actual way of balancing out the customers depending on the load utilization of a given system and we cannot give the same level of attention towards sites hosted on these sites.

Therefore we do not offer reseller solutions, because they simply don't fit the kind of service we offer towards our customers.

Please also keep in mind, that using our normal hosting packages for reselling is against our terms of service and additionally brings serious security issues towards any customer you try to host on a given account.

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