How many customers on each server?

Our amount of customers on each server differs based on which package customers buy.

We have a maximum of 60 customers/webhosting packages per server.

This means:
Maximum 60 micro per server.
Maximum 30 Small per server.
Maximum 15 medium per server.
Maximum 8 Large per server.

If we have 1 small package on a server, then we can have 58 micro packages on same server, if we have 1 large package on the server we can have 52 micro packages, or 24 small.
We ensure that our servers is not oversold, as well as when you buy a larger package we both increase the disk space, but also Memory and CPU allocation.

To compare with some of our competitors we often have 4 times more cores and 2-4 times more memory per server. And they have between 200 and 700 customers per server.

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