Mail fair use policy

All our hosting accounts comes with email accounts included in their packages, however these comes with a certain fair use policy.

We include an undisclosed maximum hourly limit for all hosting accounts, this limit is put in place primarily to prevent email abuse in case of accounts being compromised or if some script has been developed incorrectly and thus sends out a lot of email.

The limit is generally high enough for 99% of our customers to not be affected - but a few customers being affected by this can experience emails not being delivered and gets a delivery failure message.
If this is the case, any customer is welcome to open a ticket with us with a justification where we then can raise the limit further.

Other than our hourly limit, we also have a monthly "fair use" of emails, again - this limit is high enough for our general customers to not be affected in any way, but it's mainly targeted towards customers doing a lot of "automated" emails.

We want to make it clear, that we're a webhosting provider, and not an email sending provider, this means our infrastructure isn't optimized both in terms of performance, deliverability and cost to be used for a large number of emails being either newsletters, automated or transactional email.

The platform is designed based on normal sending behaviour for customers using email as a communication channel towards their customers, and for light transactional sending for example for your e-commerce platform or likewise.

We use an outgoing spamfilter called MailChannels, this filter has a cost per thousand emails being sent - for same reason, we wish to keep the sending rate as low as possible, to not influence our webhosting price based on a few customers having a large sending volume.

Therefore in case you're sending automated emails, newsletters or a lot of transactional emails, we recommend using an email sending provider such as Amazon SES, Mailjet, Sparkpost, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mandrill/Mailchimp,, SendInBlue, Elastic Email or Pepipost - some of the providers have a free monthly plan for you to use, others charge per email or have a low monthly cost depending on your sending volume.

We want to provide a good email delivery towards customers having a normal sending behaviour, for the same reason we've opted for solutions such as MailChannels to help us stop unwanted email, but it comes at a cost.

We can make custom solutions for a higher amount of emails, however the cost will often be more expensive than the already specialized email providers mentioned above.

We take a pride in offering a reliable hosting solution and recommend using a specialized email sender to deliver your newsletters, transactional or automated emails.
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