Softaculous gives "A trusted SSL certificate was not found"

When installing any software within Softaculous the system will check if there's an existing certificate for the domain and if it exists it will use HTTPS.

However, in some cases it will give the message "A trusted SSL Certificate was not found", there are three reasons for this:

  • There's no active certificate for the domain
  • If DNS resolution fails temporarily it can give the same error
The second option happens in some cases if the server tries to query a DNS server that can be down, is not reachable from the network or a DNS server giving the wrong response.

If you've you delegated a domain from one set of nameservers to another, the error can be because the nameservers that Softaculous relies on still sees the old nameservers and thus getting the wrong IP response.

If it's a domain that makes use of our DNS servers and has been doing so for more than 24 hours, then it can be because we have an intermediate connectivity issue with a given nameserver and Softaculous decided to use this one for checking the DNS of the domain - Softaculous sadly doesn't retry the resolution.
In case it's an intermediate connectivity issue it will resolve itself again.

Despite the error - it doesn't prevent you from installing the software with "https://" selected in the drop-down, so if you're sure there's an active certificate for the domain, you can simply proceed with the installation regardless of the error/warning.

You can check if there's a trusted certificate for your domain by going to and enter the domain into the field.

If it gives "Trustworthy" within the Certificates block, then you're all good.

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